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Lockman Brothers Motocross


11-11-05 No News is good news.

Well Josh had to spend some time off the bike due to the injury he received early in the year.

So we decided to take some time out and take a breath away from moto-cross. We have done that now with the boys having the last 5 months off the bikes. They are now keen to jump back in full on now. But we will be taking it easy till the start of the season next year, although there will be a lot of practice over the break to get them back into it.

Sam is refreshed and ready to take on next years Victorian titles and Josh has now recovered from his injuries and is ready to give it all again.


6-06-05 Josh's works on comeback at Bacchus Marsh Club day.

Josh raced the Bacchus Marsh club day on the weekend and showed by his 2 2nd place overall (65cc "A" Grade & 85cc "A" Grade) That his steady progress back is continuing.

Josh is hoping for some good results next weekend at the final round of the Victorian Titles.


6-06-05 Sam Stuns at Bacchus Marsh Club Day.

Well Sam CONGRATULATIONS on your first overall victory in "B" Grade. Sam surprised all comers with his aggressive and smooth style at Bacchus Marsh on the weekend.

The Youngest competitor outraced all his competition in all 3 heats. The only blemish was a fighting 3rd place in the second heat after a minor crash; (while leading comfortably) relegated him to the rear of the field. To everyone's surprise Sam won with relative ease. He now believes that "A" Grade beckons him. I am sure you will make it soon Sam.


17-05-05 Josh's come back steady at Victorian Titles.

Josh returned to racing after a major crash at the second round of the Victorian Titles on the weekend.

His progress was steady but he will certainly need more time to right back his very best form. he improved in every race culminating in a fighting 3rd place in the last race of the weekend.


17-05-05 Sam continuing his run at Victorian Titles.

Sam is now showing his much older rivals why he is one of the youngest riders in the Victoria to ride "B" Grade after a nervous start in "B" Grade

Sam was very competitive in all three heats finishing 6th in the final heat showing all he is ready to make his way to front. He is now determined to make "A" Grade sooner rather that later and when This Miniature Missile decides to take on all comers then I have no doubt that he will prevail.


25-04-05 Josh injured in crash at Victorian Titles.

Disappointment and relief were the feelings at the Warnambool leg of the Junior Victorian Titles on the weekend.

After coming a promising 3rd place in the first heat Josh had a big crash over the final jump of the second race breaking his right hand and putting a small fracture in his neck. He bravely got back on to finish the race, but unfortunately he could not continue in the last round, spending much of the day in the Warnambool hospital.

The news is not all bad though it seems that Josh may be OK for the second round at Central Vic in 3 weeks time. (bad luck mate)


25-04-05 Sam on the way at the Victorian Titles.

Sam (The Miniature Missile) Lockman was in very good form at the Victorian Titles on the weekend. Although there were no front 3 finishes Sam finished well in all his races very well despite be caught in crashes not of his making.

He is showing that he has the speed and the ability to match it with his older counterparts in this class and make a huge dent soon.


5-04-05 Sam continues his improvement at Tooleen.

The Miniature Missile continued his improvement in this highly competitive class. Still the youngest in the field he did a great job to finish equal 4th overall against much older opponents, your time is coming very fast Sam.

5-04-05 Josh takes 2nd overall on the CR85 & a 2nd in the 65cc Class at Toolleen.

Josh rode very impressively over the weekend to finish with a very good 2nd in the 85cc class & 2nd overall in the 65cc class at the Central Vic 2 Day Classic on the Weekend.

Josh's heats were a mixed bag on a very challenging track with changing conditions from smooth and flowing to mud and rough, but his consistency showed with no result lower that 5th place in either class and wins as well.

Well done some good results and further improvement is coming.


28-03-05 Nagle & Co Come on board as Sponsors for Josh & Sam.

Nagle & Co
Josh & Sam (and more importantly their parents) would like to sincerely thank Nagle & Co Chartered Accountants for coming on board with financial assistance for their Motocross endeavours.

03 52218255


7-03-05 Josh takes 4th overall on the CR85 & a 2nd in the 65cc Class at Bacchus.

Josh rode very impressively over the weekend to finish with a creditable 4th in the 85cc class & 2nd overall in the 65cc class at the Bacchus Marsh Apple Valley 2 Day Classic on the Weekend.

Josh improved all weekend after feeling unwell on the first day of the racing. It was a great effort well done.


7-03-05 Sam shows more improvement at Bacchus.

Well The Miniature Missile took a bit of time to warm up on the weekend but continued his improvement in this highly competitive class. Still the youngest in the field he did a great job to finish mid pack against much older opponents.

7-02-05 Sam takes 3rd Position at the The Peter Stevens Geelong 2 Day Open

Sam (The Miniature Missile) Took his first podium in "B" Grade finishing in 3rd place overall at the Peter Stevens Geelong 2 Day Classic on the weekend.

Well done mate a great achievement for the youngest rider in the field. If you keep improving at this rate you will follow your brother into "A" Grade very shortly.


7-02-05 Josh has a huge breakthrough 85cc win at The Peter Stevens Geelong 2 Day Open

Josh broke through to win the Peter Stevens Geelong 2 Day Classic on his Peter Stevens CR85 on the weekend.

Josh ran 2nd in the first 2 heats of the meeting and looked good and comfortable on his CR85, he got an average start in the 3rd heat but fought back to finish 4th. He was disappointed with this result and resolved to do better in the last heat. In easily his best ride in the short time he has been on the 85cc machine he fought hard to take the lead on the second last corner of the race to the a win the heat and take overall victory in the class.

Josh also raced in the 65cc "A" Grade division and took 2nd place outright in that class as well.


24-01-05 Josh creditable at Warnambool

Josh's finishing position did not truly reflect his ride at Warnambool on the weekend.

Due to an unusual amount of bad luck Josh finished back in the field in both the 65cc & 85cc classes.

Josh had a good start to the meeting on the 65cc machine finishing 3rd in the first heat, then followed up that performance with a very completive 4th in the 85cc division. After that Josh became involved in crashes that were not of his making but affected the outcomes of each of the rest of the races.

Bad luck mate the next big one is at home in Geelong.



24-01-05 Sam has initiation to "B" Grade at Warnambool

Sam's was unwell and struggled to find his usual pace at the Warnambool 2 day open on the weekend. In a meeting where (time & organisational) delays and also uncomfortable weather were making thing tough for all competitors especially an 8 year old debuting in "B" Grade.

All that said Sam finished with a creditable 7th position in his first "B" Grade hit out.

We will see a much improved rider in a couple of weeks at Geelong.









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