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5-12-04 Sam gets Promotion to "B" Grade.

Sams very consistent riding has been noticed at State level as he becomes one of the "youngest "B" Grade" riders in Victoria. Only a couple months after his 8th birthday Sam has been promoted to "B" Grade and given the number 111.

It will be tough competition for the tiny warrior, but I am sure you will find your way to the front very quickly.



5-12-04 Josh takes win in 65 and 3rd in 85cc at Bacchus Marsh Club Championships.

Josh Competed hard in his new 85cc "A" Grade class to take 3rd place outright at the Bacchus Marsh Club Championships this weekend. He came in with 2nd place in 2 heats and 3rd place in the remaining 4 heats. The eventual winner and runner up were both competing for the last this class as they both have birthdays in January and must go up to the 12 to 16 years category. Josh still has almost 2 years to run. Your best results are yet to come in this class Josh Well Done.

On top of that success on the Peter Stevens CR85 Josh also won the 65cc "A" Grade event winning all heats.



5-12-04 Sam Brings home 2nd outright at Bacchus Marsh Club Championships

 Sam rode very well and very consistently to take 2nd place on the weekend at the Bacchus Marsh Club Championships.

Sam went into the last race with a 5 point lead after finishing in the top 3 in every heat of the weekend. Unfortunately a minor spill on the last lap of the meet while running 2nd broke his throttle housing. Sam got back up and got on the bike to finish and got to the last 2 corners when the throttle jammed open and he launched himself over the top of the corner berm. He bravely got back onto his bike on rode through the finish to get enough points to keep his 2nd place outright loosing 1st by just 1 point.

That was a very brave effort mate Well Done!



28-11-04 Josh takes win in 65 and 3rd in 85cc at Geelong Open.

 Josh in just his second meeting the Peter Stevens CR85 has surprised by taking 3rd Place outright at the Chads Off Road Setups Geelong 1 day open. It was not all smooth sailing though as a crash at the start of the 2nd heat caused Josh to come off the bike and try to regroup to get on and finish the race to get the much valued points. A 3rd a 6th and a final race 2nd was enough in the end to secure 3rd outright and only a couple point from 2nd position. Keep up the good work Josh!

On top that success on the Peter Stevens CR85 Josh also won the 65cc "A" Grade event winning all heats.



28-11-04 Sam Unlucky But Performs well at Geelong 1 Day Open Meeting

 Sam was dreadfully unlucky not to pick up his second Open meet podium at Geelong on Sunday. After a fighting 2nd place in the first heat he had a major crash on the straight in the 2nd heat of the day while running in 2nd position; after regaining his composure he got back on to finish the race but well down the order. He finished the last heat in 3rd place to take 4th overall. Don't worry Sammy you are going in the right direction that big win will come soon.



21-11-04 Josh Debut on CR 85 R5 a success

Today at the Bacchus Marsh 1 day open Josh debuted his new Honda CR8R5 Standard Wheel. With only "run in" time on the bike Josh was just a few points from a podium finish in his first attempt in this bigger class. He showed with a bit of time and hard work he will be a force in the 85cc "A" Grade Division.

The bike was picked up on Thursday evening and Josh got his first ride on Friday after school. But running the bike in took up most of the daylight and he never really got a go at full tilt practice. The next time on the bike was Race Day. It was a great Effort to get 4th place outright in his 1st run under the circumstances.

In the 65cc Class Josh also performed admirably to take 3rd outright against some pretty stiff opposition, with almost 3 years that he can run in this class it make you wonder what damage he could do as he develops.



21-11-04 Sam hot for first 65cc podium in an Open Meeting.

 Well Sam you always surprise; Today Sam took 3rd place outright in the 65cc C Grade class, he showed a consistent performance over the 3 races to take 3rd overall; still by far the youngest rider anywhere in the top 10 riders.



10-11-04 Peter Stevens Geelong to sponsor Josh.


Congratulations Josh as of Now you are sponsored by Peter Stevens Geelong on a Honda CR85R5. Peter Stevens have recognised your efforts and rewarded you with a much valued sponsorship. I know you will give them great value..



18-10-04 Josh takes 2nd overall in "A" Grade Western Region Series.

 Congratulations Josh on a fine performance in you first series in "A" Grade. Josh took second place outright in round 2 of the Western Region series yesterday in Ararat. Josh had a 1st a 2nd and a 4th place in the final 3 races to finish the series in 2nd outright. Well done again as you are the youngest in "A" Grade and have performed admirably.



18-10-04 Sam hot then off in Ararat.

Well Sam had a mixed bag at Ararat Yesterday! In race 1 while in 3rd Sam got a bump from behind and came off the bike. It took quite a while for him to regain composure and return to the race a lap down. Race 2 was his best result for the day, starting well and finishing in 3rd place. Race 3 finished the day the way it started with a mistake while leading on lap 1 caused him to go down on the same corner he went down on in race 1. He returned to the race to compete hard but had given away way to much, but managed to pass several riders on his way to the finish.



25-09-04 Josh &Sam show their class in Club race days.

 On the last weekend in September at the the Geelong club day both Josh and Sam won the day in their respective classes.

Josh won comfortably all 5 of his races in the 65cc "A" Grade class and Sam was just as impressive in taking 4 wins and a second place in his "C" Grade event.

Then the following week both the boys repeated their efforts at the October Bacchus Marsh Club day. They both won all their races to take their class trophies home in a very impressive display.



25-09-04 Sam on Fire for first "C" Grade win.

 Sam Stunned all at the Castlemaine Regional this weekend. What a surprise to see the youngest competitor come through the field to take 2 heat wins and second place a  in wet and trying conditions.

Sam began the day with a start that left him in 23rd position going through the first corner. But then he began to come through the field only to fall 4 meters short of an amazing heat win. In the final 2 heats of the day Sam got 2 amazing hole shot starts and was never threatened from there winning both heats by considerable margins.

Well this 7 year old has made a huge improvement and looks to have the goods to follow his brother Josh's winning ways. Sam has dropped a amazing 8 seconds a lap in practise and is now looking forward to trying to make "B" Grade in the not to distant future., I'm sure you will as you are a fierce competitor; Well done mate.



25-07-04 Sam moves onto a new 2004 KTM 65 SX

 Terry from Werribee KTM has been kind enough to offer Sam a race deal on a new motocycle, it is the 2004 KTM 65 SX. Sam will debut the new machine this weekend at the regional event in Castlemaine.



25-07-04 Josh Makes a good start in "A: Grade at Castlemaine

 Josh began racing in "A" grade with a 2nd place at the Castlemaine Regional, this was a good start as he was the only under 10 rider there and the conditions were less than spectacular.

It was a very wet meeting but the as the day wore on the track conditions improved and provided Josh a very good insight into this much more competitive field. A 2nd place was a great start and wins should come very soon..



19-07-04 Josh makes "A" grade and still only 9 years old.

 Congratulations Josh; We received word that Josh has been granted a promotion to "A" grade; effective immediatly. His new "A" Grade race number is to be 37.

Well you achieved your goal of making "A" grade before you turn 10. This is a fantastic achievement and the hard work begins this weekend at Castlemaine where you will compete for the first time an "A" grade rider. Good Luck mate.



27-06-04 Josh wins Western Regional Series in style in Geelong.

Josh won the final three races of the Western Region Series in convincing fashion at his home track in Geelong today. This makes 8 wins from his last 9 starts in the series, the only blemish a 4th position after leading and making a rare mistake at the Horsham leg of the series.

Josh won the final races in a canter leaving his rivals in his wake. It was always going to be a big task for others in his class to come to Josh's home track and stop his dominance in the past couple of meetings in this series. Josh now seems certain to attain his wish to make "A" grade before his 10th birthday. Well done!



27-06-04 Sam improves yet again at home in Geelong

 Sam's day started disappointing for him as in the first heat of the day a broken gear lever forced him out of the race. He responded in the second heat after a new gear lever had been fitted to finish a strong 12th on an almost full 30 bike grid. Then in the final heat of the series he went out on fire to finish 6th and finish the series with some very good results for the competitions youngest competitor.

Well done a bit of improvement will find you in the places in the very near future.



7-06-04 Sam still steadily improving at Bacchus 2 dayer.

 Well Sam you are continuing to improve with every meeting that you enter. This weekend was no exception.

Sam finished in the top ten in all his completed heats and only dropped out when a flooding bike would not run properly in the last heat.

These are big meetings with big fields and it won't be long till you are at the front. This is steady improvement that will come together for you in the not to distant future. Keep up the good work Sam.



7-06-04 Last round DNF costly for Josh at Bacchus 2 dayer.

After a win and a 2nd place in the first 2 heats on Saturday at the first day of the Bacchus Marsh 2 day Open all was looking positive for Josh going into the Sunday with 2 heats remaining leading the pack.

Then after an indifferent start Josh began to work his way through the field in heat 3 only to get caught up in an incident he was not a part of and lost valuable time. He finished with a creditable 6th place but had dropped to 2nd place overall.

All was not yet lost as a good result in the final heat could still bring a valuable win his way. But he got caught in traffic at the start and had dropped to last place into the first corner, he then set about chasing down the field. He was clearly moving quicker than his rivals; it was just a matter of if he could chase them down in time. But in the heat of the fight and trying to do everything he could to run down the field he lost control and came off the bike. He then returned to the seat in bid to salvage something but found that the damage to the handlebars of the KTM had rendered the bike unrideable.

A simple finish would still have seen Josh on the podium but this was not to be today; bad luck mate maybe next time.



9-05-04 Josh again on song in Horsham.

Josh today took the lead in the Western Region Series with another convincing win at the Horsham leg of the series.

He won the first 2 races comfortably and looked like heading for another clean sweep until an unusual laps in concentration on the last lap of the day saw him out in sticks off the track. He got back on the track to take a creditable 4th position, the win on the day and the lead in the Series. Josh has now won 5 of his last 6 races in this series. Good luck Josh just 1 more meeting in this series at your home track in Geelong. Keep fighting.



9-05-04 Sam on the improve in Horsham.

Sam today showed that he has plenty of talent to burn at the Horsham leg of the Western Regional series.

Finishing 11th 11th & a flying 7th on a grid of 28 he showed that being the youngest out there is not always the disadvantage that most would automatically think. His first top 10 finish now has the little battler looking at a top 3 berth. A big goal for one of the littlies, but I don't doubt that he will achieve this in quick time. Good luck Sam wins will come soon.



4-04-04 Josh takes Bacchus by storm.

 Josh today returned to form in a big way with wins in all heats at the Bacchus Marsh leg of the Western Regional Series. Taking maximum points now puts him within 4 point of the overall lead in this competitive series.

The work done on Josh's ignition system seems to have put all the recent mechanical failures behind him, leaving him with a competitive and reliable machine. Josh won every heat in convincing fashion pulling away from the field. Not a bad effort to go across the line first in all three races considering that both A and B grade riders were together.



4-04-04 Sam again competitive in the Bacchus Marsh leg of the Western Regional series.

Sam today rushed to a credible mid field finish in today's Bacchus Marsh leg of the Western Regional series.

Finishing 11th 16th & 12th is a great effort for this tiny battler against all odds. His highly competitive nature, will and undeniable talent showed through in every race today giving him a great result from a strenuous day. Sam's tiny stature and comparative youth gave him a marked disadvantage against much older opponents but he finished well up the order and will be more competitive in the not to distant future. WELL DONE POCKET ROCKET....



3-04-2004 Sam competitive all the way.

Sam has raced at the Warnambool Regional, Araratt 2 Day Open, The Victorian Junior championships and last week at the Cobram 2 day open and has not only finished all the races but been in the middle of the field in most.

In this class Sam at 7 years of age is easily the youngest in the competitive group. His high finishes are a credit to him as most of the riders in this class are on yellow plates which indicates that they are over 10 years of age. Not a bad effort for the POCKET ROCKET.



3-04-2004 Mechanical problem plague Josh

 Well Motorsport is a strange business isn't it, just when all was going nicely for Josh mechanical failures have been the order of the last few weeks.

At the Warnambool Regional, Araratt 2 Day Open, The Victorian Junior championships and last week at the Cobram 2 day open. Josh's bike suffered mechanical failures when he was looking very competitive at all these meetings. Anyway KTM has been kind enough to replace his entire ignition system for him and the bike seem to be good as ever. So hopefully tomorrow at the Bacchus Marsh regional we will get some more favourable results.



21-03-04 Josh wins at first appearance at Bacchus Marsh Club day.

 Josh won the 65cc B grade event at the Bacchus Marsh Club Day today despite bike problems. Josh's bike over the past weeks has had a hard to find mechanical problem that causes the bike to stop completely for no reason and with just a minute or twos rest it then will start and run fine.

While this made things very difficult Josh found that if you remained on the power hard and used the berms then he could minimise the problem he was having. Although this was not the fastest way around the track he remained competitive all day to take the win of his first try.



21-03-04 Tonsillitis Pulls up Sam and he can't compete at Bacchus Marsh Club day.

Sam was very disappointed at not being able to race at our first Bacchus Marsh Club Day. A bout of Tonsillitis has put the POCKET ROCKET off the bike in the short term. 



15-03-2004 Werribee KTM Picks up Josh's KTM Sponsorship and adds Sam to his list as well.

Well Terry at Werribee KTM has very kindly picked up Josh's race deal sponsorship and added Sam to his list of riders that he will look after.

This is fantastic news for the boys as the race year is getting into full swing now and this support makes it lot easier to cope with the ever growing list of ongoing expenses in this highly competitive sport.



16-02-2004 Josh gets a Heat Win and take 3rd place overall in first "B" Grade event.

After a break of 4 weeks because of an injury Josh fronted up for his first race as a B grade rider at the Geelong Open on the Weekend.

Josh's event started in the morning practise session where he began to try and get the feel for riding again after a month off for an injury break at his home track in Geelong. To his surprise this was not the Geelong track he was used to riding and stated afterwards it was "like riding a completely new track". The upgrades at the Geelong track included modification of several corners, changing the Stepdown jump dramatically and the addition of whoops just before the finish line. But he enjoyed the new layout and was looking forward to racing on it.

In heat 1 josh got caught in a little traffic at the start and came into corner 2 in last position, but a spirited (although rusty) ride from Josh got him up to a very creditable 4th position. Heat 2 started with a bit of a problem with the gear lever on the start line, this was quickly patched and the race got underway. Josh got a reasonable start although another rider got into an awkward position in front and he had to back off a little and caused him come into corner 2 in 6th position, in the next lap and a half he had gotten himself to fourth and was dicing for third when the patched gear lever broke and left the KTM stuck in 4th gear only, battling around the track for the next 2 and a half laps he managed to still hold on for 5th position.

Sunday brought a new day and a new gear lever and hopefully a bit of a change of luck. Well the first heat got away and wouldn't you know it, Josh's start was below his best and again another rider made a crucial mistake directly in front and another last into corner 2, a very spirited ride from then on saw him get back to 5th position and it seemed this would be about the story of the weekend. But in the final heat of the event and the rust rapidly blowing out of Josh's riding now he got to corner 2 in first position and was never threatened taking the race moving away from the pack and taking third position Outright for the event.

Not a bad show for the first run in "B" Grade. Perhaps with a bit of luck your ambition to be "A" Grade before you turn 10 will be a reality, Keep up the good work.



16-02-2004 Sam has a very successful entry into 65cc Class.

 Sam did his first full event in the 65cc class when he lined up at the Peter Stevens Westcoast Geelong 2 day classic on the weekend.

Although being the youngest rider on the grid Sam made an impact finishing all races in the super competitive 65cc C grade class in the middle of the field. With 25 starters and a will to compete, this tiny dynamo looks to have what it takes to improve and threaten in this category before very long.



Feb 2004 Josh's Sponsor "Pro-Cycle" in receivership.

Well bad luck for all the guys at Pro-Cycle it seem that the business is in receivership and is not trading at present. We wish all the people from Pro-Cycle all the best and hopefully you will all get back on your feet soon.

This also leaves Josh without a major sponsor and we are on the hunt for a new one, so if there is anyone out there that would like to come on board please don't hesitate to contact us.

It is not all bad news though KTM Australia in their kindness have agreed to continue their support for the rest of the year through another dealership.



15-01-2004 Josh gets promotion to Victorian "B" Grade.

 Well josh it has happened although still only 9 years of age MV have seen by great your results that you are a class above "C" grade and decided that "B" Grade is the place for you. That big ambition to become an under 10 "A" Grade rider is a step closer now. Keep practising and you never know. Josh's new number is to be 113, so long 707.









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